3 Television Dramas Worth Binge-Watching

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We'd like to continue our posts encouraging you to lose hours — no, days — of your life to television with 3 excellent dramas! These binge-watching recommendations touch on the things that really matter, like meth, serial killers, and zombies.

To be fair, we never said our television show choices would be wholesome, just that it would be worth it to devote your time and energy to them.

Here are our picks for the best television dramas to indulge in through the art of binge-watching.

Breaking Bad

Why Tim Loves It: I'm sure that there is little surprise in someone recommending "Breaking Bad," but seriously, if you haven't started watching the show yet, start right now. No show that I have ever watched has ever left me on the edge of my seat more than this show; and I don't mean from the beginning to end of each episode, I mean from the beginning to end of entire seasons. Each season brings new challenges for chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin Walter White. As you go through each episode, you watch as his character develops, leaving a wake of physical and emotional destruction behind him.

Another great reason to binge-watch "Breaking Bad": there are only about 13 episodes per season, which is short in comparison to a lot of recent dramas. You will find yourself finishing entire seasons in a single weekend, and you will love everything about it (except Marie, it seems to be pretty unanimous that everyone dislikes Marie).

Where to Watch it: Netflix


Why Mike Loves It: If there is one show that plays with your emotions more than "Dexter," I'm not sure that I know it. By the very nature of its concept, it's a show of contradictions. You don't really want to root for a serial killer, but when the people he goes after are much worse, you sort of do. At the same time, there's always the chance that Dexter will join their ranks, and you know you'll hate him for it, which you don't want to happen, either.

Additionally, you want Dexter to "get better" and to become more human, which is an underlying theme across the entire series. However, you know that if he does, the show is over, and you don't want it to end because it's that good. Therefore, the producers added twists to almost every season to throw that plan off balance.

The few things I mentioned here are just the surface of the kind of emotional roller coaster this series takes you through.

Though the show started strongly, and was very good for the first several seasons, there is pretty much universal consensus that the quality went down hill in the last couple seasons. I wouldn't let that fact put you off from watching it, but you should go into it knowing that from the beginning.

Where to Watch it: Netflix

The Walking Dead

Why Crystal Loves It: You don't have to be into zombies to watch and love "The Walking Dead" — but it helps. In fact, "The Walking Dead" features so many horrific-looking zombies that the entire series will probably be one of the goriest, grossest shows you've ever watched. That shouldn't dissuade you from watching (although perhaps you should refrain from eating while you watch the first few episodes — don't worry, you'll get used to it eventually).

The comic-turned-AMC-show features protagonist Rick Grimes, a former police officer who wakes from a coma in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Cue total chaos. Although the zombies (called "walkers") and their prosthetics are incredible, the show is really about the people within the apocalypse. How will humans adapt to this new post-apocalyptic life? How can they learn to live together? Who are really the monsters: the walkers, or the humans?

"The Walking Dead" is particularly good for binge-watching because the progression of characters can be subtle watching week-to-week. But it's easier to see people, attitudes, and the overall atmosphere of the show change when you watch the episodes all at once. Plus, you get to the good stuff quicker, like crying your eyes out when a character you love dies. And that will happen. But it's worth it, I promise.

Where to Watch it: Netflix

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