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What People Are Talking About

Jordin Tootoo

Athletes being super cute with little kids is THE BEST, which is why this video of hockey player Jordin Tootoo and a young fan is so great. As Tootoo — who plays with the Grand Rapids Griffins, the Red Wings' AHL affiliate — heads to the locker room, an adorable fan yells, "Tootoo!" Without hesitation, the player hands over his hockey stick and says, "That's all yours." According to an article that ran in the Grand Rapids Press, Tootoo "has a reputation as a tough hockey player," but he clearly knows how to treat his young fans. Adorable!

Avril Lavigne

Have we transported ourselves back to 2002? Is "Sk8r Boi" on the radio? No, and no (I'm thankful on both counts), but Avril Lavigne is A Thing again, or at least A Thing People Are Talking About. She released a new music video for her single "Hello Kitty" and the immediately received criticism for it. Some like Billboard, said the video is an "embarrassment" in any language, while others called the video offensive and racist. Avril responded to the claims with a tweet stating, "RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!!" (that is a direct quote). See the video for yourself above.

MLB image

Michael Pineda

This week, MLB officials suspended Yankees player Michael Pineda for 10 games after it was discovered that he used a "foreign substance on his person" during a game against the Red Sox. Pineda used pine tar to help him get a better grip on the ball. He said he won't appeal the penalty and also stated, "I know I made a mistake. ... I feel so bad." Earlier this month, there was a rumor that Pineda had used pine tar during another game against the Red Sox, but he said it was dirt. Whoops.

What were you talking about this week?