Baltimore Leads in Jay-Z & Beyonce Ticket Sales at

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Last week, Jay-Z & Beyonce announced they were going on tour, and you can guess what happened next. The Friday onsale was a huge day for How huge? The On The Run Tour accounted for 38.4% of all tickets sold on that day. In comparison, Paul McCartney's tour accounted for a distant 5.5% of tickets sold.

Here's the rankings of venues Jay-Z & Beyonce are scheduled to visit on the tour, based on ticket sales up until today:

Jay-Z & Beyonce City Rankings at

As you can see, the greatest percentage of all Jay-Z & Beyonce tickets sold on so far, about 10%, have been for the July 7 concert at the M&T Center in Baltimore, MD. The July 5 show at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA, came in second, but the sales numbers are nearly identical to Baltimore.

It seems highly likely that the duo will make May's Top 10, but at which spot is yet to be determined. We'll report back next month.

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