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Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Have a Drum-Off

Back in February, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith challenged funnyman Will Ferrell to a drum-off after the latter appeared on link aggregator site Reddit for a Q/A. The cause? Charity. The rationale? Apparently they're often mistaken for each other (but Smith as Ferrell more so than Ferrell as Smith), so they two agreed determine which of the two men is the real Chad Smith. The competition finally took place this week on The Tonight Show. I won't spoil the winner here but it's pretty epic — as well as the result of a good cause — so check it out.

Michael Jackson Becomes a Hologram

Would you attend a concert where the performer is a hologram? How about if the hologram is of a deceased performer? That's the subject many people are debating this week after a hologram of the late Michael Jackson was used to perform his posthumously released song, "Slave to the Rhythm," at the Billboard awards show last weekend. The idea has gained some support in recent years from the artist community, and even original holographic performers are being created. Crystal explored the concept in a blog post she wrote yesterday.

The Smoothest Baseball-Catching Kid There Ever Was

The week wouldn't truly be complete without a video of something that makes people go "aww," be it puppies, kittens, babies, or one kid giving up the baseball he caught during a Toronto Blue Jays-Texas Rangers game to a girl behind him. Aww-tastic though it may be, witness as the kid gives the girl a different ball than the one he just caught. So smooth.

That is it for this week. Have a great Memorial Day, everyone!