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Reading Rainbow Kickstarter

"Reading Rainbow" was suddenly on everyone's mind this week when LeVar Burton announced a Kickstarter on Wednesday. The goal? To raise $1 million in order to revive "Reading Rainbow" and bring interactive books and video field trips to kids everywhere. It would also help classrooms in need. Burton made the Kickstarter a generous 35 days long — but was shocked when it surpassed its goal on the first day. Burton released an emotional video thanking everyone for their donations. Then he embarked on a press tour, where he's done everything from a Reddit AMA to interviews with media outlets like People Magazine. Check out more about the Kickstarter here.

Google's Self-Driving Car

The future is (almost) now. This week, Google released a video of a self-driving car, and it looks adorably awesome. No, seriously — the car is so cute! It may look like something straight out of a cartoon, but it works. The car puts safety first by only reaching speeds of 25 MPH and mimicking defensive driving behaviors using a full 360-degree view of its surroundings. It has been programmed to stay out of blind spots, pause when the light goes green (just in case another car runs through their red light), and move away from big rigs. The design, which has no steering wheel (!!), even has a flexible windshield and a front end made of foam so if it hits a pedestrian or bicyclist, they won't be injured. This is seriously the most considerate car ever. Although it's not available for purchase, and won't be for quite some time, it is still pretty cool.

50 Cent's Terrible Pitch

Rapper 50 Cent took care of the opening pitch at the Mets vs. Pirates game on May 25, and he totally bombed. At least according to The Internet. While 50 Cent was supposed to throw the ball to the pitcher, he may have instead thrown the ball at the photographers recording the event. So, yeah, okay, it wasn't great. Still, I imagine the pressure to make it a good pitch is tremendous when everyone is watching, and I could see anyone flubbing it (me especially) so I can't help but be a little sympathetic. I am clearly in the minority, as blogs everywhere have been ranking his throw among the worst first pitches of all time. The Washington Post even has a chart documenting recent celebrity pitches... and it looks like 50 Cent's pitch was worse than those done by Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and Cookie Monster. Sorry, 50.

What was on your radar this week? Did you donate to the "Reading Rainbow" Kickstarter?