10 Fun Facts About the Movie Frozen

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The world is well aware of the success "Frozen" has had. The film's success has translated into an upcoming ice spectacular, as well as a Broadway show that's in the works. We feel chummy with Elsa and Anna, we know all the lyrics to "Let It Go," and we secretly wish we had a reindeer pet as cute as Sven.

But here are a few fun facts you may not have known about the successful film. (It should go without saying, but: major "Frozen" spoilers ahead.)

#1 - Rapunzel and Flynn Rider make an appearance at Elsa's coronation.

Blink and you'll miss it, but it's true. If you watch the crowd during Elsa coronation, you'll see both characters from "Tangled" (and yes, Rapunzel has her short, brown hair instead of the long, blond locks).

#2 - The songs for the film were written and composed by a married couple.

The husband and wife team, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, both have experience working on previous animated films such as "Winnie the Pooh" and "Finding Nemo." Their daughter, Katie Lopez, was also featured on the track "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?", which really made it a family affair.

#3 - Jennifer Lee, the film's director, is the first female to direct a Disney animated movie.

About time, right?

#4 - It was originally Kristoff who punched Hans.

In the original version of the scene when Anna froze, it was Kristoff who ran up to Hans and punched him in the face. However, the writers ended up changing the scene a bit so that it was Anna who swung at Hans instead, knocking him off the boat. I approve of this change (although punching in general is kind of bad).

#5 - The "Arrested Development" joke in "Love is an Open Door" was unintentional.

If you're not privvy to the "Arrested Development" series, it probably just sounded like a silly lyric. But when Anna and Hans sing the line, "We finish each other's sandwiches," that's a reference to an "Arrested Development" gag. Yet it wasn't meant to be. At least, that's what Bobby Lopez (who helped write the song) said. As it turns out, he really was just eating a sandwich while working on the tune. Fun fact about this fun fact: They also tried "sausages" and "sauerkraut" but neither felt right.

#6 - Elsa was originally a much more sinister character.

In fact, Elsa was more akin to a villain in early drafts of this film. In the first act, the evil Snow Queen (yes, Elsa!) was to deliberately strike Anna in the heart with her freezing powers. There were some versions of Elsa that even had dark, spikey blue hair AND a super-creepy army of snow creatures.

#7 - It was the song "Let It Go" that ultimately changed the story of the entire film.

While some of the basics for the story were always concrete — it was to be a tale about the love between two siblings, and Elsa was to be a snow queen — other details were in flux. As mentioned in #6, Elsa was supposed to be a villain. But writers felt "Let It Go" didn't suit a villainous character, given that it focused on personal empowerment and self-acceptance and... well, you know the words, so we don't have to go on.

#8 - Elsa has way more hair than the average human.

If you've lusted after the glamorous braid sported by Elsa, I hear ya — but replicating it on yourself just doesn't look as nice. Now we know why: while the average human has only 100,000 hairs on his or her head, Elsa has about 400,000 strands. Which is why her braid always looks so perfectly put together, yet wispy. It could also be that she's animated, so...

#9 - Anna's songs are all performed by her voice actor, Kristen Bell.

Who knew Kristen Bell was such a vocal powerhouse? The actress majored in musical theater at New York University and even scored a role on Broadway in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

#10 - "Frozen" was translated and dubbed into 41 languages.

It's not strange for films to be translated into other languages — but 41 of 'em? It just goes to show how much of a success "Frozen" really was, and is.

Got any another fun facts about the movie? Leave them in the comments below!

Facts compiled via Buzzfeed, Wikipedia, and Reddit.