MLB Meets Taylor Swift in Twitter Sing-Along

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Things got a little crazy yesterday on Twitter, at least when it came to MLB and some of its teams. Someone over at the MLB headquarters must have been jamming along to Taylor Swift's "Love Story" because all it took was tweeting one lyric to the song before a sing-along began between the MLB Twitter account and the official accounts for teams like the Rangers, the Reds, the Brewers, and the Dodgers. Who knew they were all such big Taylor Swift fans?

Here's how it all got started...

And then it just kept going!

You may be asking yourself: why on Earth would the MLB and its teams do some kind of lyric-by-lyric, virtual sing-a-long on Twitter? But you should be asking yourself: why not? Brands that don't take themselves too seriously on social media are more fun, anyway.

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