4 Songs You Didn't Know Were World Cup Anthems

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If you follow the FIFA World Cup, you may already know that every four years, the organization commissions an official anthem to represent the event. These multilingual songs are then used as warm-ups to the event, in addition to serving as a little momento from the big day.

But sometimes the songs become popular hits — and we're not even aware of their connection to fútbol. Here are four of the most popular, starting with...

#1 - Pitbull featuring Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte, We Are One (Ole Ola)

You've probably heard this song on the radio a bunch, but did you know it served a purpose beyond just giving you something to listen to while in traffic? The song was released on April 8, 2014, in anticipation of the World Cup in Brazil. It features the vocals of Pitbull, with contributions from Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian artist Claudia Leitte.

#2 - Shakira featuring Freshlyground, Waka Waka

As the official anthem of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, "Waka Waka" is performed by Colombian singer Shakira and South African band Freshleyground. The single was released on May 7, 2010 and debuted at number 43 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. "Waka Waka" has gone on to experience significant success, selling more than 10 million digital copies. In addition, as of May 2014, the single's accompanying music video became the eighth-most watched music video on YouTube, racking up more than 660,000,000 views.

#3 - Ricky Martin, La Copa de la Vida (The Cup of Life)

It was on March 3, 1998 that Ricky Martin's "La Copa de la Vida (The Cup of Life)" made its debut. Martin's single was so popular it graces the Billboard Hot 100 chart not once, but twice — when it was first released, and then again a year later, following the popularity of "Livin' La Vida Loca." Martin performed "La Copa de la Vida (The Cup of Life)" during the 41st Grammy Awards, and the single became one of his most successful songs, dominating in countries like Germany, Spain, France, Australia, and Sweden.

#4 - Arrow, Hot Hot Hot

You've likely heard "Hot Hot Hot" before, although perhaps not this version. Performed by Arrow, this single became the anthem for the 1978 World Cup in Mexico. A few years later, in 1987, the song was covered by Buster Poindexter (a persona created by singer David Roger Johansen) — that version went on to become a huge karaoke and wedding song. It also serves as the opening theme at Jimmy Buffett concerts!

Which World Cup song is your favorite?

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