11-Year-Old Lucy Li Gets People Talking About U.S. Open

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Golf just isn't one of those sports that tends to make headlines the way football and basketball do. But thanks to Lucy Li, the sport is suddenly interesting. The 11-year-old from Redwood Shores, CA, is only in sixth grade, but people are already calling her a golf prodigy. She's one of the youngest players to qualify for the U.S. Women's Open and will be playing Pinehurst No. 2 against some of the world's best golf players.

In short: she's pretty awesome.

For the other players, it's probably been a bit off-putting to run into an 11-year-old as they prepare for the U.S. Open. But Li doesn't really seem phased, telling interviewers she's "not really" nervous about the week.

She's also chatted with media outlets about everything from when she got into golf (four years ago) to whether her father could beat her at a game (to which she laughed and then gave a firm "no"). The video highlights from her interviews are worth the watch. Check it out below!

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