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If you thought there was a chance you might escape the hype surrounding "Frozen" sometime in the near future... well, you're wrong. It looks like this movie will have an impact for at least a generation or two. As it turns out, the baby names "Elsa" and "Anna" are quickly gaining popularity. In the U.S., Elsa has seen an especially big jump as it broke into the top 100 baby names, sitting at 88. Anna, which has always been a relatively popular name, jumped two spots from 37 to 35. But in Sweden, Elsa is the third most popular name, while Anna is in the top 12 names in Austria, Hungary, Iceland, Denmark, Italy, Norway, and the Netherlands. Alas, "Olaf" doesn't seem to be growing in popularity. Sorry, anthropomorphic snowman.

Washington Redskins

It was a rough week for the Washington Redskins. The U.S. patent and Trademark Office canceled six trademarks of the team name, since it was found to be disparaging to Native Americans. It's not exactly surprising, given that yeah, the term really is offensive and plenty of teams have already changed their names and mascots, some even decades ago. But the loss of the trademark doesn't mean that the name must be changed; all it means is that anybody who is interested in selling Redskins-branded items are free to do so. Still, it has lots of people saying, "Just change the name already!" even though Redskins owner Dan Snyder has previously said he "never" would. He may change his tune, though, given that the issue is now not just a moral one, but a financial one. Also, it's 2014, and come on.

World Cup Highlights

Yesterday marked exactly one week since World Cup 2014 began, and already it's been a pretty eventful seven days. As with most things these days, some memes were born, including #Persieing, which was created when Netherlands player Robin Van Persie managed to score a goal mid-air, using his head. (His grandpa even played along.) But it's really all about the games, of course. On Monday, there was the first USA soccer game, against Ghana, and the US won! During the game, forward Clint Dempsey made a goal just 30 seconds into the game. While some teams have been exceeding expectations (US, Mexico), others have been falling flat (Portugal, Spain). In fact, Spain — the last World Cup champions — is already out of the running.

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