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Luis Suarez (and other World Cup highlights)

Everyone knew soccer player Luis Suarez's name this week when he sunk his teeth into opponent Giorgio Chiellini during the match between Uruguay and Italy. The weird thing? This is not the first time Suarez has bitten an opponent. Biting someone once is one time too many, but multiple times? Seriously? Suarez was banned for nine international matches and suspended for four months from any football activity by FIFA. Of the bite, Suarez simply said, "I've collided with his shoulder" and insisted the whole thing wasn't a big deal. I imagine his feelings would be a little different had he been the one bitten in the shoulder, but okay. In less bizarre news, Team USA advanced to the World Cup knockout stage. Congrats, Team USA!

Isaiah Austin

At last night's NBA Draft, Baylor University's Isaiah Austin wasn't just drafted by a team — but by the entire NBA. It was definitely the best, most emotional pick of the night, and comes just days after Austin learned a genetic disorder called Marfan Syndrome would cut his basketball career short. The illness, which had gone undetected for Austin's entire life, was discovered during a physical for the draft. But last night, at the very least, gave Austin a chance to realize his dream of being drafted.

On the Run Tour Kickoff

Jay Z and Beyonce's On the Run Tour kicked off in Miami, FL last night. The highly anticipated stadium tour did not disappoint, including a plethora of costume changes, special effects, and a set list more than 40 songs long. The two performed a mix of solo hits as well as duets and delivered a concert that was nearly three hours long. Plus, the couple utilized the gigantic screens on either side of the stage to share some personal home videos of everything from their otherwise-top-secret wedding to the adorable Blue Ivy. All in all: not a bad start for Jay and Bey.

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