5 Summer Events Kids Will Love

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School's out, which is the perfect time to find something fun for the entire family to do. Whether your kids are sports enthusiasts or superhero fans, there are plenty of things for them to do this summer. Here are our top 5!

#1 Baseball Game

Baseball games are a staple of the spring and summer months. First, there's the game itself: baseball is one of the most beloved sports in America. Kids, especially those on a Little League team, will adore seeing the live-action game in person. There's nothing quite like hearing the crack of the bat or seeing the players we idolize from afar live in person. Baseball games are a fun family affair too, providing a chance to root for your favorite team together. Plus, it's a great chance to enjoy the outdoors on a nice summer day, indulge in concession stand food, and get caught up in the excitement of the experience. (Plus, we may or may not be running a pretty cool baseball promotion to go along with this one. Just sayin'.)

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#2 The Lion King

It isn't the highest-grossing musical of all time for nothing — The Lion King is as thrilling as Broadway musicals come. It's action-packed, which keeps young kids entertained; it's funny enough to crack a smile on even the coolest of teens; and the story is moving enough to keep moms, dads, and guardians enthralled, too. Most kids will be familiar with at least a song or two, especially if they're a fan of the film, and it's hard not to love young Simba and his journey into adulthood.

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#3 Marvel Universe Live!

Fans of the Marvel superhero films or comic books will love this show. With stunts, aerial moves, explosions, and pyrotechnics, this live action show could rival any Marvel movie. It features 25 superheroes and villains, including fan favorites like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, and Hulk, as they try to defeat villains such as Loki, Green Goblin, Red Skull, and Electro. It's definitely a must-see for young superhero fans everywhere.

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#4 Monster Jam

Watching gigantic trucks crush cars? Yes please! Kids and families flock to Monster Jam events because they're fun, exciting, and affordable. Audiences can enjoy seeing famous trucks like Monster Mutt, Grave Differ, and El Toro Loco as they show off their skills through stunts and tricks. For mega-fans, there are pit passes (which allow guests to get up close to the trucks) and after-show autograph sessions.

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#5 Gazillion Bubble Show

While I can't guarantee there will be exactly one gazillion bubbles at each show, I can guarantee there will be lots of bubbles — and also that young kids will be seriously entertained. The Gazillion Bubble Show promises an "interactive bubble world" that includes lasers, lighting effects, and (of course) bubbles! But not just any type of bubbles, although there will be plenty of the rainbow, orbs you've come to know and love; the artists behind Gazillion Bubble Show also do bubble artistry, creating larger-than-life bubbles, bubbles within bubbles, and all kinds of bubble magic. In short: you must enjoy bubbles to enjoy this show. If so, it'll be a great time for everyone.

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