Garth Brooks Announces Details of 2014 World Tour

Garth Brooks Announces Details of 2014 World Tour

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Garth Brooks is back! It's been 14 years since country singer Garth Brooks officially retired and, although he's performed shows off and on, this time — with his kids all grown up, with a second chance at a career — he's back with plans for new music and a world tour.

The singer announced yesterday that his upcoming world tour will kick off Sept. 4 in Chicago, IL (technically Rosemont, IL). He'll be joined by his wife and fellow country singer Trisha Yearwood.

These details came only after lots and lots of anticipation. For the rest of the tour dates, the world will have to wait, as each city will get its own special announcement (similar to Chicago) until details of the entire tour are finally released.

Brooks, who was previously hesitant about wading into the "digital age," is certainly savoring every moment of his long-anticipated return to the music scene. In fact, the hype surrounding Garth Brooks' comeback started back in December when he made an appearance on "Good Morning America." He was supposed to simply be promoting his new album; instead, he sat down with anchor Robin Roberts and confirmed he'd be doing a world tour in 2014.

Then came the press conference, which took place late last week. During it, he spoke about the Ireland debacle (which we covered a bit on Friday), confirmed a new album come Winter 2014 (which will be available digitally, a first for Brooks), as well as new music as early as the end of the month.

But he was coy about details of his world tour. Instead, Brooks said, come July 14, he'd be reaching out to his longtime fan Andy from Atlanta to give him the scoop on where and when the upcoming tour would kick off. Brooks stayed true; yesterday, Brooks and Andy announced when the tour will begin. Today, through a succinct message on his site, the world received word that each of Brooks' tour dates would receive the same type of announcement.

So we wait. But hey, we waited 14 years; what's a few more days, right?

As more dates/cities are announced, we'll add them below, so be sure to check below and visit the Garth Brooks for more information on tickets!

Garth Brooks 2014 U.S. Tour Dates

09/04 Allstate Arena Chicago, IL

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