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When I woke up this morning, I had no idea what an important day that today was. That was until I saw this tweet from ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter:

50 days! I couldn't believe the season was that close. As a football junkie, I wish that the football season went all year long, but alas, it doesn't. So the football shaped hole in my heart has been filling itself with anticipation for the upcoming season. The more I thought about the season that is oh so close, I started thinking about all the things I'm looking forward to this football season. The list was getting long, so I said let's do 50 reasons to look forward to the 2014 season. Here we go:

1. Johnny Football

2. Fantasy Football

3. NFL Red Zone

4. Because 'Merica

5. Bad Lip Reading Videos

6. Finally back to REAL football after watching too much soccer

7. Super Bowl

8. Touchdown Celebrations

9. Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning

10. Excuse to eat more buffalo wings

11. Excuse to eat more chips and dip

12. Excuse to drink during the day

13. Richard Sherman

14. Thanksgiving Day Games

15. Calvin Johnson

16. Rob Gronkowski

17. Puppy Bowl

18. Washington Redskins Name Controversy

19. Arguing with friends about Fantasy Football

20. Who will be the surprise team?

21. Sunday Night Football

22. Monday Night Football

23. Thursday Night Football

24. Saturday Night Football (Even if it's just for one week this year)

25. More replays of the "Butt Fumble"

26. Darrelle Revis in New England vs. Jets

27. Tailgating

28. Last second field goals

29. Complaining about the officials

30. Complaining about the coaches

31. Complaining about the players

32. Prop Bets

33. Trash talking your friends who are fans of rival teams

34. Something to do every Sunday

35. Watching to see if the Seahawks can be the first repeat champion since Patriots in 2004

36. Matthew Berry

37. Rivalries - Bears vs. Packers, Pats vs. Jets, Ravens vs. Steelers, Cowboys vs. Everyone.

38. The excitement of being at the stadium for a game

39. Rex Ryan press conferences

40. Bill Belichick press conferences

41. Jadaveon Clowney

42. Drew Brees to Jimmy Graham

43. NFL Games in London

44. The new Madden Football Game

45. Michael Sam

46. Free Agents debuting for their new teams

47. When those free agents face their old teams

48. Have an excuse every week NOT to do any housework

49. Did I mention fantasy football? I really love fantasy football.

50. All the moments you say to yourself "I can't believe THAT happened!"

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