Top 5 Couples in Country Music

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Best Country Couples

Celebrity couples just make sense, right? They "get" one another. They get what it's like to be adored. They get what it's like to lack privacy. They get what it's like to roll around in money (I'm assuming). There's an added layer of compatibility when the two celebrities are not just famous, but come from the same industry. So these five country couples just make sense.

Johnny Cash + June Carter

Johnny Cash and June Carter are kind of the quintessential country couple. They first met in 1956 when they were both part of the Opry company; by the 1960s, Cash and Carter were regularly performing together. In 1968, Cash proposed, and the two were married a month later. The couple was married for 35 years, and they were the subject of the 2005 film "Walk the Line." During their professional career, Cash and Carter also won prestigious awards for their duets "Jackson" and "If I Were a Carpenter."

Blake Shelton + Miranda Lambert

It was in 2005 that Blake and Miranda first crossed paths at a country music event when they performed "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma" together; they both credit that performance as the moment they started falling in love. The two started dating shortly thereafter; four years later, Shelton proposed and the couple had the ultimate country wedding, from the bride and groom wearing cowboy boots during the ceremony to the guest list, which included country stars like Dierks Bentley, Trace Adkins, and Reba McEntire. Their recent duet, "Over You," hit number 1 on the Hot Country Songs Billboard chart.

Tim McGraw + Faith Hill

Though there have been divorce rumors about these two for years, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill still seem to be going strong: they just recently wrapped their Soul II Soul Tour, a Las Vegas residency at The Venetian which was the highest-grossing tour in country music. The couple has been together since 1996, when they met while touring; they married in October 1996 and made a pact not to be apart for more than three consecutive days. McGraw and Hill, who have three daughters together, have also collaborated on several songs, including McGraw's latest single, "Meanwhile, Back at Mama's."

Garth Brooks + Trisha Yearwood

It wouldn't be the country couples list without Garth and Trisha, who inspired this post. They married in 2005 after Brooks proposed to her at a concert in front of 7,000 fans. Though the couple has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since they got married, Brooks has made an appearance on Yearwood's cooking show, "Trisha's Southern Kitchen," and the two will be touring together later this year.

Roy Rogers + Dale Evans

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were country singers and actors who met while filming a movie together in 1944. Rogers proposed to Evans at a rodeo, which I'm pretty sure makes them the most country couple on this list. The two were married for 51 years (51! years!). They sang several songs together, including "Happy Trails," and were all around totally adorable.

Which couple do you think is the top duo in country music?