Are Jay Z and Beyonce Divorcing? (A Complete Guide)

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Are Jay Z and Beyonce Divorcing

It's a question many have been wondering, especially since the elevator incident: are Jay Z and Beyonce splitting up? Here, I'll break down everything surrounding the billionaire couple, rumors, speculation, and fans included, so you can become the resident Jay Z and Beyonce expert at your next family party/company event/watercooler conversation.

The Elevator Incident

This is really what started the whole 'Jay/Bey are done' rumors. It happened back in May, when some security footage leaked from a Met Gala after-party. There's no audio in the video, but it clearly showed Jay Z, Beyonce, and Solange (Beyonce's sister) on an elevator. Solange was yelling, and then she went after Jay Z. Theories behind why the bizarre 'incident' took place include:

1.) Jay Z cheated on Beyonce with Rihanna.

2.) Jay Z cheated on Beyonce with Rachel Roy.

3.) Jay Z was with Rachel Roy back in the day, and bragged about it the night of the Met Gala.

4.) Jay Z disrespected Beyonce in some way, cheating or otherwise, and Solange was sticking up for her.

5.) Solange's behavior that night is normal for her.

6.) Blue Ivy is actually Solange's daughter and now she wants custody?

7.) Solange's kid is actually Jay Z's and she's tired of hiding it?

8.) Solange and Jay Z were arguing over something Illuminati-related?

As you can see, things start to get weird, fast. This doesn't even include the joke theories! That said, all we officially know is what the three of them have said — essentially nothing.

Yet that hasn't stopped rumors from circulating that Jay Z and Beyonce are definitely, probably, maybe going to break up, separate, renew their vows, have another kid, or divorce soon, in the future, or never.

Other 'evidence'

It hasn't just been the elevator incident that's made people question whether the couple will last. People in both camps often have argued over every single piece of "evidence."

The 'IV' tattoo on Beyonce's ring finger. Skeptics say: It was removed! Proof! Supporters say: That thing's been fading forever. Nice try.

Beyonce posts tons of photos of her, Jay, and Blue on Instagram. Skeptics say: Could she try any harder to try to prove to us nothing's wrong? Supporters say: She wouldn't post pics of her husband/family if things weren't totally fine.

The "***Flawless" remix. The lyrics to the recently-released remix address the elevator incident: "Of course sometimes sh*t go down / When it’s a billion dollars on an elevator." Skeptics say: Further proof of how try-hard Beyonce is, attempting to prove everything is fine! Supporters say: Come on.

The sources. Another day, another 'source' leaking info about everything from the two arriving separately to each show to Bey shopping for a new condo (sans Jay). Skeptics say: It's the gospel truth! Supporters say: Never trust an anonymous source.

The major theories

Jay Z and Beyonce never loved each other — so they will stay together because this is all for show OR they will break up because the business relationship is wearing on them. The idea is that both Jay Z and Beyonce have been very business-savvy, making incredible careers for themselves; by joining forces, they were able to reach superstar status. There is variation in whether people think that then means they will break up (as they're sick of the charade) or they'll soldier on (because they've stayed together this long, why not continue?).

Jay Z and Beyonce are on the verge of divorce due to cheating (or [insert other reason here]). The major reason I've seen as to why the two are supposedly done relates to cheating. The thing is, no one has any proof of the actual cheating. Some say Beyonce's recent self-titled album, which paid homage to their relationship, was a desperate attempt to keep them together; all of her references to their relationship were fake or an attempt to mend their relationship. Some point to songs like "Jealous" and "Resentment" as definitive evidence that there have been problems for a long time.

Jay Z and Beyonce are definitely divorcing, but they're waiting till after the On the Run Tour. The reasons may be varied, but some agree that these two are definitely done — they just need an opportune time to make the split. This theory will be tested fairly soon given that the On the Run Tour ends in the U.S. tonight; they have one additional show, in Saint-Denis, France, Sept. 16, so they'd have to make it till then.

Jay Z and Beyonce are in love and doing just fine, but planting these stories to generate headlines and/or messing with the media. Well, people are talking about this couple quite a lot, aren't they? There really hasn't been much time lately where they weren't in the news. Fans and skeptics have been flocking to the On the Run Tour to see if they can spot evidence of a crumbling marriage. While media outlets and fans speculate about the inner workings of the Knowles-Carter relationship, they're off Instagramming pics from exotic locations. While Beyonce will purposely change the lyrics to the song "Resentment," she'll also reveal a verse in the "***Flawless" remix, which makes reference to the elevator incident, followed by the "cha-ching" sound and laughter. Maybe they're planting the stories; maybe they aren't. Either way, some say they are benefiting from the constant speculation, and that deep down, everything's fine. (This theory is my favorite.)


I have no idea whether Jay Z and Beyonce will be splitting up. Sorry. Feel free to theorize based on the information above, but try not to lose too much sleep over it. Either way, everything will be okay!

Other Jay Z/Beyonce Conspiracy Theories

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