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What People Are Talking About

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift made headlines for two reasons this week: first, because she stopped by Boston Children's Hospital to make a special visit to an adorable 5-year-old named Jordan. Together, they sang along to "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together" for a very sweet moment. If that wasn't enough, Swift started dropping clues about her new music. It started on Monday with a cryptic Instagram video of her hitting the number '18' six times while in an elevator. Then she released two more hints: a screenshot of a phone (a picture that includes her cat, Olivia, a camera, and some artwork), as well as this image referencing So what is it, exactly? No one knows. But hopefully something will be revealed soon!

The Big Bang Theory

Fan or not, many were talking about "The Big Bang Theory" this week as production ground to a halt while its stars negotiated for a higher salary. The three main stars — Kaley Cuoco (Penny), Jim Parsons (Sheldon), and Johnny Galecki (Leonard) were able to cinch around $1 million per episode, while Simon Helberg (Howard) and Kunal Nayyar (Raj) negotiated a paycheck somewhere in the mid six-figure range. These changes put the stars on par with the cast of "FRIENDS," who each earned $1 million per episode for the show's final season. "The Big Bang Theory" is slated to run for at least 10 seasons, with a possibility for more.

Becky Hammon

It was pretty big news this week when the San Antonio Spurs announced they'd be hiring six-time WNBA All-Star Becky Hammon as their assistant coach. Hammon spent 15 years with the WNBA playing for the New York Liberty and San Antonio Stars. During that time, she had a prolific career; she's played in the Olympic games, received several awards and honors, and even became the seventh person in WNBA history to score 5,000 points. Hammon's new role makes her the second female coach in NBA history and the first-ever salaried, full-time assistant coach, which is pretty awesome. Congrats, Becky Hammon!

What were you talking about this week?