Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Related

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Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Related

There are some famous celebrity relatives it seems like everyone knows, from Owen and Luke Wilson to Beyonce and Solange Knowles. And yet, as much as we talk about celebrities, there are still some connections that slip under our radar. So here are a few related celebs you probably didn't know about.

Snoop Dogg and Brandy/Ray J

Most are privy to the fact that singers Brandy and Ray J are siblings — but who knew they were also first cousins with Snoop Dogg (AKA Snoop Lion)?

Emilio Estevez and Martin/Charlie Sheen

Without the same last name, it might be hard to know Emilio Estevez had any connection to Martin or Charlie Sheen. But Estevez — which is actually Martin and Charlie's real last name — is Martin's son, making him Charlie's brother.

Nicolas Cage and Jason Schwartzman

Nic Cage and Jason Schwartzman are actually first cousins, but that's not where Nic Cage's Hollywood connections end. He's also cousins with directors Roman and Sofia Coppola, as well as the nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola and actress Talia Shire.

Jenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy

While the two do share the same last name, many might still be surprised to learn that Jenny and Melissa are actually first cousins.

Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci

I can't resist a good "Devil Wears Prada" reference, which is why it delights me that Stanley Tucci is Emily Blunt's brother-in-law. Okay, this one is kind of cheating since they aren't technically related by blood, but still!

Al Roker and Lenny Kravitz

This is probably one of the more bizarre familial connections on this list, but yes, it's true: weatherman Al Roker is cousins with singer and actor Lenny Kravitz.

Sam Smith and Lily/Alfie Allen

You may have heard of British singer Sam Smith on the radio, with his popular songs like "Stay With Me" and "Latch" (which he's featured on). He confirmed that he and fellow British singer Lily Allen are cousins — and they confirmed it with one another through Twitter! (That also means Smith is related to Alfie Allen, Lily's brother, who plays Theon Greyjoy on HBO's "Game of Thrones.")

Peyton/Eli Manning and Taryn Manning

While it feels like this connection might be obvious (again, they do share the same last name!), it's not especially well-known. But it's true that "Orange is the New Black" star Taryn Manning is cousins with football stars Peyton and Eli Manning.

Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow

These famous actresses have a few things in common, including that both have starred in films with Ben Stiller (Blythe Danner in "Meet the Parents," Gwyneth Paltrow in "The Royal Tenenbaums"). More than that, Danner is actually Paltrow's mom!

Which celebrity relation on this list was most surprising to you? Comment and tell us!