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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you've been on Facebook recently, there's no doubt in my mind that you've seen at least one video of a friend, acquaintance, or otherwise, dousing his or herself with a bucket of ice water, before promptly calling out some of their friends to do the same. It's all in an attempt to raise awareness and donations for ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gerig's Disease. The premise: those are tagged are asked to donate a sum of money (typically, $100) to ALS or film themselves pouring a bucket of ice-cold water on themselves. In most cases, people have opted to do both. Even celebrities and public figures have gotten in the challenge, including Justin Timberlake (video above), Mark Zuckerberg, the cast of "Grey's Anatomy," and Conan O'Brien. According to the ALS website, these donations have helped raise more than $3 million in additional donations for this time period, which is pretty awesome.

Shark Week Backlash

It's Shark Week! Amid the excitement that usually comes along with Shark Week, this year, there's also been a bit of backlash and disappointment. Some critics argue that these days, Discovery seems more interested in shock tactics than in educating its viewers. They point to the fact that recent Shark Week programming has focused heavily on shark attacks (when, actually, shark attacks are pretty unlikely to happen), as well as... "Megalodon," the fictional film that debuted on the channel last year, which many thought was real. This year's Shark Week has come equipped with even more fictional programming, including a sequel to "Megalodon." All of this is making people scratch their heads and wonder why educational programming about sharks isn't enough, and whether Discovery is taking it too far. What do you think?

Robin Williams

This week, entertainer, comedian, actor, and all-around good person Robin Williams died. The outpouring of support for the beloved icon has been tremendous — from this one-minute video compiled from some of Williams' most iconic roles to the cast of Broadway's Aladdin performing "Friend Like Me" in his honor; from the mountains of flowers at his Hollywood Walk of Fame to memorializing the bench he and Matt Damon sat on during "Good Will Hunting" as well as the "Mork and Mindy" home; from Twitter tributes to street art. The late-night talk show hosts also got in on it, including Jimmy Fallon. Above, check out his homage to Robin Williams, which includes a clip from Williams' first-ever appearance on "The Tonight Show."

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