10 Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge Videos

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge seems to have taken on a life of its own within the celebrity world. Every day, new videos surface of celebs and public figures drenching themselves in ice-cold water, while simaltenously calling out other celebs and public figures to do the same. It's fun AND it's for a good cause (as I like to assume every single one of these people has also opted to donate a large sum of money to ALS).

Here are 10 of the best challenge videos that have surfaced over the last few days, starting with...

#1 - Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt, in general, is seeking world domination right now. For "Parks and Rec" fans, this is a longtime coming. There's really no one better to kick off this list.

#2 - Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters

This video is definitely the most cinematic, as the Foo Fighters take on the iconic film "Carrie" in their ice bucket challenge. Their video is especially great because it puts an emphasis on also donating.

#3 - Charlie Sheen

I didn't think Charlie Sheen would ever make it on a list of "bests," but here we are. Charlie Sheen does the ice bucket challenge as only he can — with a bucket full of money.

#4 - Ben Affleck

It's a two-for-one deal in this video, which also features Ben Affleck's wife, Jennifer Garner. Plus, what I can only assume is the laughter of their kid(s) off-screen is pretty cute.

#5 - Jimmy Fallon and the Roots

Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, Rob Riggle, and Horatio Sans take on the challenge — suits, ties, and all. (I just hope Questlove's bowtie wasn't ruined.)

#6 - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and friends get a little crazy in this video. In a different video, Taylor mentioned donating $100 on behalf of every person in the video!

#7 - Robert Downey Jr.

This video deserves to be here mostly because RDJ has a Thor action figure. Also, that elephant sound!

#8 - Lady Gaga

In true Lady Gaga form, this video is probably best viewed as "art."

#9 - Conan O'Brien

Mostly on the list because he nominated Haley Joel Osment, who you probably haven't seriously thought of since 1999.

#10 - Bill Gates

Another video with high-production value, and also a creative take on the challenge. Brownie points for the adorable cardboard replica of Bill Gates.