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Breaking Bad

"Breaking Bad" returned to public consciousness this week (as if it ever left) when its stars, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, were featured in a pre-Emmys skit with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The two play the skeevy owners of a pawn shop, featured on a reality show, that happened to get a visit from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who portrayed an exaggerated version of herself. It was a cute skit meant to promote the Emmys, which take place on Monday. On top of that, Aaron Paul also announced a scavenger hunt for "Breaking Bad" fans to honor the show's last time being eligible for an Emmy. The scavenger hunt includes a chance to find things like scripts, posters, dolls, and art from the show. (Please Note: Video has mild cussing.)

Worst Commercial Ever

Lots of videos go "viral" these days, which is pretty much every marketer's dream. This back-to-school commercial from East Hills Mall garnered some pretty decent buzz; it was featured everywhere from Buzzfeed to The Today Show... though not necessarily in the good way. People started sharing it because it was so deliciously bad. The commercial has actually garnered a lot of publicity for the mall, which is a welcome change for the shopping center that had previously been struggling for business. Plus, that tune will probably be stuck in your head for days. You're welcome!

Shake It Off

Taylor Swift held her Yahoo live stream on Monday, which she'd been hinting at two weeks ago. She used the live stream to announce a new single and video, "Shake It Off." In the video, she pays homage to different types of dance, adding her own, goofy spin to each one, while the song itself addresses her "haters" (for real). Taylor has also announced an upcoming album — called 1989 (her birth year) — to be released Oct. 27, 2014. According to Taylor, it'll be her first official "pop" record. So long, country!

What were you talking about this week?