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The National Football League has quickly grown in popularity over the years and has become the biggest and most profitable sports league in the U.S. Baseball has been known for many years as "America's Pastime," but because of the NFL and its die-hard fans, football is close to taking that title. Millions of fans purchase NFL tickets every year, filling stadiums to capacity and helping cheer their team to victory. Nearly every franchise has huge waiting lists for season tickets, making a site like TicketNetwork crucial. It's here that you will find tickets to every game on the NFL schedule from preseason to week one to Super Bowl Sunday.

Through NFL history, a team's success is often dictated by how good their quarterback is. The 1980's were ruled by Joe Montana and the 49ers; the 1990's had Troy Aikman and the Cowboys as well as Steve Young and the Niners; and now the last decade has been dominated by two men, Tom Brady of the Patriots and Peyton Manning of the Colts. The two future hall of fame quarterbacks have squared off nearly every year, either in the regular season or the NFL playoffs. Whether or not you are a fan, getting tickets to see these NFL greats is a must.

The NFL Pro-Bowl is football's All-Star Game, which takes place annually in Honolulu.

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