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You list your tickets

1. You List Your Tickets

Create a FREE account, enter your ticket info, and we instantly publicize your tickets to millions of shoppers online

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We send you an email when someone buys your tickets and provide a FREE shipping label for you to ship the tickets… easy!

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3. You Get Paid

We pay you via check or PayPal the week after the event and only keep 10% of your ticket price as our commission

No fees

No fees to list tickets

Low commission rate

Low commission rate of 10%

Hassle-free shipping

Hassle-free shipping

Guaranteed payment

Guaranteed payment when your tickets sell

Safe and secure website

Safe and secure website

We interact with buyers

We interact with buyers for you!

Robert, Boston MA

"Absolutely fantastic place to list your tickets for sale! Customer service and follow-up is AMAZING and getting paid after your sale is NEVER an issue!"

Robert, Boston MA

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