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  • Will it cost me anything to sign up and list my tickets?
    • No! Creating a new account is free, and listing your tickets doesn't cost anything. You only pay us if you make the sale.

      If you make the sale, you will be charged 10%, which is the lowest fee in the industry.

  • How do I list my tickets on TicketNetwork?
    • Once you have a free account, it is a simple process to list your tickets, using the Ticket Manager portion of our website. Once you list your tickets, you don't need to do anything else until they are sold. TicketNetwork does all of the advertising for you.

  • What happens when my tickets are sold?
    • We will email you when your tickets are sold, and then you will need to ship your tickets. To confirm the order, print out your prepaid FedEx label, and drop your tickets at your local FedEx store.

  • How and when will I get paid?
    • Within a week after the event happens, TicketNetwork will deposit your payment directly into your PayPal account. Payment for completed sales is guaranteed and 100% secure.

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