Broadway On Tour

About Broadway On Tour Tickets

Visit Broadway, heart of the theater world, without traveling far from home. Each year, beloved Broadway productions pack up and hit the road, stopping in theaters across the country. These shows stop in popular cities across the U.S., sometimes staying for weeks or months at a time.

Broadway national tours happen only for the most successful shows. In fact, some shows are so popular that they get their own tour even while the Broadway run is still going on. Tours may include new casts and crew, although occasionally the original actors or crew may appear as part of the traveling show. Some shows also employ multiple tours that run simaltaneous to one another. Most traveling productions are hardly different from the Broadway original — except they're more accessible, and often times, slightly more affordable.

Check out a Disney show, such as The Lion King, or nab tickets to see Broadway classics like Wicked or Jersey Boys. Seeking a romance? Try Memphis – The Musical. Want to laugh? Sister Act tickets will make you giggle. Whatever you seek, whether a list of shows on NYC’s famed Broadway or a Broadway theater guide, find all your ticketing needs at TicketNetwork.