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Chris Cornell tickets

Pop and rock music covers a wide variety of genres, styles, and influences. From Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to Aerosmith and the Dave Matthews Band, pop and rock music are collectively the most successful types of music out there today. Want to see Chris Cornell in concert? View the listings below for upcoming dates and Chris Cornell tickets.

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About Chris Cornell

Though the course of time, Chris Cornell has done what many rock legends have not. Since the beginning of his career, he has been involved with the bands Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, and Alice Mudgarden. In addition, Cornell has enjoyed a successful solo career and has contributed music to movie soundtracks. Because of his versatility as an artist and his powerful voice, Cornell has excelled over time and still impresses fans with his music. Stardom wasn't assured for this grunge-rock legend from Seattle, however. Chris Cornell had to fight for his success, and it all began in the 1980s.

Chris Cornell grew up in Seattle and after high school, Cornell spent time working in seafood and as a sous chef before he succeeded in music. The musician currently owns a restaurant in Paris and has said publicly that if he hadn't made it in the music industry, he would have become a chef. Chris Cornell's first successful band was Soundgarden, and the group created music together for thirteen years before going their separate ways. While with Soundgarden, Cornell worked with the future members of the band Pearl Jam on a project they called Temple of the Dog. Soundgarden emerged as one of the premier bands to come out of Seattle during the rise of grunge in the 1990s. Other grunge groups rose to fame alongside Soundgarden, including the very famous Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam. Before grunge was even fully established in the 90s, Soundgarden was making waves on the music scene. Their first album, Ultramega OK, was released on a small label but nevertheless resulted in a Grammy nomination. The second album by the group, Louder Than Love, was released on a major label and their third effort, Badmotorfinger, produced singles that garnered a lot of attention on alternative ratio and on MTV. The third album, like their first, was nominated for a Grammy award. Soundgarden would put out three more albums together (Superunknown, Down on the Upside, and A-Sides) before splitting up in 1997.

After the breakup of Soundgarden, Cornell released a solo album called Euphoria Morning. The musician's incredible vocal range earned him yet another Grammy Award nomination for the single "Can't Change Me." Further, Chris Cornell contributed to two movie soundtracks for the first time. "Sunshower" appeared on the soundtrack for Great Expectations and "Mission 2000" was on the soundtrack for Mission: Impossible II. In 2001 the remnants of Rage Against The Machine were searching for a new lead singer and Chris Cornell was suggested as a possible replacement. After playing together, the group of rock metal musicians decided that they made an incredible team. The band dubbed themselves Audioslave and began recording music together. In 2002, Audioslave was released, the group's self-titled first album. The group didn't release another album until three years later. Audioslave's next two albums were Out of Exile and Revelations; though the band toured after the release of the second album, they took a break after the third to allow Cornell to work on a theme song for Casino Royale. Chris Cornell is the first male musician to write and record the theme song for a James Bond movie, and the theme ("You Know My Name") was a hit. Audioslave never came back from that break. The band officially broke up in 2007; Cornell cited personality conflicts and musical differences as his reason for leaving the band.

From 2007 onward, Chris Cornell has been recording and performing solo. The Casino Royale theme, "You Know My Name," became the first song recorded for his first post-Audioslave solo album. The song had been nominated for and won a Grammy Award, so of course it was included on Cornell's album, Carry On. Cornell's 2007 album resulted in performances with Aerosmith and Linkin Park, in addition to his world tour that stretched from 2007 into 2008. Cornell has been busy since touring with the other two rock and metal groups; in 2009 the man who wrote "Jesus Christ Pose" released his third album, Scream. Scream has been a controversial album from the start and its release has continued to stir up controversy. The former grunge idol has never been afraid of trying new ideas, and on his most recent album he worked with Timbaland. Timbaland is a big name in the hip hop industry, where he is known for his skills with album production. It came as a surprise to long time Chris Cornell fans that he would be working with a big name, mainstream hip-hop producer. The question remained: would Cornell's powerful voice mesh with the sounds typical of a Timbaland album? Cornell's voice lends itself easily to grunge, rock, metal, and power ballads because of his vocal range and skill and Scream went on to prove that Cornell could also rock with a hip hop flavor.

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