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About  Trevor Noah

Comedian Trevor Noah has taken the world by storm. Trevor Noah is originally from South Africa, he started out as a radio show host and transitioned into acting very early on in his career. Trevor Noah tickets became highly sought after once he began to focus solely on his comedy career. He’s worked with South African comedians such as David Kau, Kagiso Lediga, Riaad Moosa, Darren Simpson, Marc Lottering and Barry Hilton. In 2011, Noah moved to the United States and became the first South African comedian to make an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s, The Tonight Show. Then in 2013 he became the first guest to make an appear on the Late Show with David Letterman.

In 2014 Trevor Noah began to lay the ground work for his ultimate legacy. He became a recurring contributor on Comedy Central’s, The Daily Show. Several months later in early 2015 it was announced that Noah would become Jon Stewart’s replacement as the host of The Daily Show. His immediate success and charm on The Daily Show has led to great opportunities for the young comedian, including three stand-up specials on Netflix. His popularity became undeniable when Comedy Central made the commitment to sign Noah to five years until 2022.

Aside from his hilarious stand-up comedy and spectacular job as The Daily Show’s host, he’s written one book, Born a Crime. Published in 2016, this book received a plethora of favorable reviews and even became a #1 New York Times Bestseller. On Goldstar, fan, Kevin Parker made a keen observation and review of Trevor Noah’s stand-up comedy show;

Great comedians skew our perspective to make us see in a humorous light what we take for granted. Through the eyes of great comedians, the usual becomes extraordinary, the mundane becomes an adventure, and the pedestrian becomes hilarious. Trevor Noah is not just a great comedian, but because of his South African worldview, his keen observations about America and Americans offer social and political satire so incisive that he may be the comedic equivalent of a cruise missile. The tired saw of SoCal traffic is made fresh by Noah; his call to end the legal restrictions against beating our children is Swift in its delivery; and his recasting of Star Wars to better reflect the trending ethnic diversity of America in the Star Wars future demonstrates his mastery of joke writing and comedic timing. If playing football doesn't someday cripple or kill him, his international stardom is inevitable.”

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