Monster Jam World Finals

Nothing screams excitement quite like Monster Jam! displays a wide selection of tickets to see your favorite monster trucks, such as Grave Digger and El Toro Loco perform gravity defying stunts. For adults and kids alike, Monster Jam tickets are sure to provide edge of your seat entertainment for the whole family.


Monster Trucks came into being in the late 1970's, when modifying pickup trucks to compete in mud-bogging and truck-pulling sports became popular. Truck owners began "lifting" their trucks to compete in these events, and soon competition to possess the biggest and best truck developed. The first so-called "monster truck" belonged to Bob Chandler and was named Bigfoot. Chandler equipped Bigfoot with 48-inch tires and drove over a pair of cars in a field one day, in order to create a promotional video for his shop. An event promoter who saw the video thought that he could sell tickets to such an event, and asked if Bigfoot would perform in front of a crowd. Chandler agreed, and the Monster Jam was born.


In 1995, Monster Jam became the official name for USHRA monster truck events. Today, the Monster Jam is divided into two sections: racing and freestyle. Monster Jam tickets are available for events year round, but the competitive season runs from January to March, with the Monster Jam World Finals held at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas in late March.


The Monster Jam World Finals are considered to be the best display of monster truck racing of the year, where all the great drivers and trucks compete for world domination. Some exciting features of the Monster Jam World Finals will be extreme racing with top speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour and an extreme freestyle track with a wide variety of obstacles that will produce a large number of crashes and outrageous stunts!

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