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About  Chicago - The Musical

Chicago the Musical is based off it’s own original play from 1926. This timeless production features crime, corruption, satire and the greatest music numbers of all time. Chicago originally opened back in 1975 at the 46th Street Theatre; since then it has gone on to do huge numbers! Chicago holds record for the longest-running musical revival as well as the longest-running American musical in Broadway history!  

Taking place in the roaring jazz hot 20’s, this tale follows two rivaling murderesses both locked up in Cook County Jail. Velma’s the star of a Nightclub; she lost her freedom in society the moment she caught and killed both her husband and sister for having an affair. While Roxie on the other hand killed the lover she was cheating on her husband with. With the help of some friends, Velma plots her return to the lime light by carefully crafting an edgy character that’s to be glorified, rather than terrify.  

Both controversial and wildly entertaining, this play will surely blow you away. Filled with amazing musical pieces like Cell Block Tango, All That Jazz, When You’re Good to Mama, Funny Honey, Razzle Dazzle, I Can’t Do It Alone, and We Both Reached for the Gun. An incredibly thorough review by Lester on Trip Advisor wrote; 

“This ensemble is worthy of every bit of praise it has received, but if something ever stood out, it was the Chicago orchestra. What a group! What a performance! 

The music and choreography was nothing short of phenomenal. When compared to other Broadway productions, the scenery and lighting are not as impressive. However, I would add that the show never felt lacking these either - it was just right. On the other hand, the musical quality (orchestra and singers), performance and choreography really set the standard high for the longest running American musical on Broadway. We enjoyed this performance very much, the film doesn’t even compare. Gotta see it!” 

Whether this is your first Broadway show or just another play you’ll be adding to your mental archive, one thing is for certain, this is THE musical to experience. Critics and fans alike have regarded this as a historic play that will continue to stand the test of time for many years to come. If you’re looking to entertain the family, or get a significant other a unique gift that shows them how much you love them, go to TicketNetwork today and buy tickets to Chicago the Musical.