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Northern Illinois Huskies Football Events Dekalb, IL - Huskie Stadium

Aug 30(TBD)
2024 Northern Illinois Huskies Football Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games)Huskie Stadium, Dekalb, IL
Aug 3102:30 PM
Northern Illinois Huskies vs. Western Illinois LeathernecksHuskie Stadium, Dekalb, IL
Sep 21(TBD)
Northern Illinois Huskies vs. Buffalo BullsHuskie Stadium, Dekalb, IL
Oct 5(TBD)
Northern Illinois Huskies vs. UMass MinutemenHuskie Stadium, Dekalb, IL
Oct 19(TBD)
Northern Illinois Huskies vs. Toledo RocketsHuskie Stadium, Dekalb, IL
Nov 1306:00 PM
Northern Illinois Huskies vs. Akron ZipsHuskie Stadium, Dekalb, IL
Nov 30(TBD)
Northern Illinois Huskies vs. Central Michigan ChippewasHuskie Stadium, Dekalb, IL

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