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About  Sebastian Maniscalco

Sebastian Maniscalco has been in the comedy scene since the late 90’s, so it's no wonder why Billboard selected him to be granted their Comedian of the Year Award.  It takes a talented comedian to sell out multiple arenas and Maniscalco has done just that…and without breaking a sweat. 

Sebastian Maniscalco tickets offers fans an opportunity to truly see what comedic genius looks and sounds like. According to Forbes, Maniscalco was the highest grossing comedian in both 2017 and 2018 which is no joke when it comes to his performing in front of a packed house. 

When Jerry Seinfeld classifies you as their favorite comedian, that has to be something pretty huge, right? But the magic doesn't stop there. Netflix, Showtime and Comedy Central all had comedy specials for Sebastian Maniscalco which brought stardom and superstar status. His shows sell out quick and fans just can't get enough.   

On TicketNetwork, Sebastian Maniscalco is consistently one of the best-selling comedy acts. For a comedian that has over 21 years of experience and the fact that he is still entertaining crowds is a testament to how amazing Maniscalco’s shows are. Opening for the 2019 MTV Music Awards just shows how demand this comedian is. Actions speak louder than words and his comical act shows that words are only a small part of the act. Watch Sebastian Maniscalco work the mic and the stage with his witty moves. 

Sebastian Maniscalco tickets are on sale for a great and laugh your pants off comedy experience. The fans can't get enough so do not miss the Sebastian Maniscalco 2020 tour.