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You're standing in a crowd of moshers, dancing harder than ever. Fast rhythm sections, insane guitar riffs and lyrics about politics, death, war and religion fill the air. Yeah, you're at a Megadeth show.

Megadeth has been setting the standard of heavy metal since 1983, after Dave Mustaine was dismessed from Metallica. They quickly rose to be worthy equals with Metallica, as well as Anthrax and Slayer, as one of the "big four" bands responsible for developing and popularizing American thrash metal. The band has come accross obstacles like substance abuse and inter-band disputes, but has pulled through to sell more than 38 million records around the world and earn platinum certification on six of their albums.

The formation of Megadeth was more a less a revenge scheme, with Dave Mustaine at the steering wheel. After heavy drug use and disputes with band members, Mustaine was fired from heavy metal band Metallica. He vowed revenge on his old bandmates by creating a band that would play faster and heavier than Metallica, and so Megadeth was born.

Megadeth's wil and drug-fueled reign came to a halt in 2002 when Mustaine damaged the nerves in his left arm, making him unable to play the guitar. He disbanded Megadeth and went into a year of recovery through electroshock therapy. After recovery, Megadeths comeback was even harder and ore aggressive than before. Critics called their 10th studio album, The System Has Failed, their most musically complex offering since 1992.

The band organized an annual thrash metal music festival tour in 2005 called Gigantour. Huge names like Dream theater, Anthrax, Fear Factory and more would perform through Gigantour's years. 

One could think of Megadeth has a combination of many heavy metal and new wave of British heavy metal bands. The band takes inspiration from bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Budie, Iron Maiden, the Ramones and many, many more. While structurally following blueprints of the work of Motorhead and Iron Maide, Megadeth incorporated the speed and aggression of hardcore punk. Mustaine has even stated he has been influenced by the music of the Beatles and David Bowie. 

Megadeth is one of the bands responsible for developing American thrash metal. They are one of the few underground metal bands of the 1980's to reach mass commercial success in the way they did. 

With success also brings controversy. Mustaine has been a magnet for constroversy since starting the band. Many fans know about his feud with Megadeth and his ejection from the band. MTV and other stations deemed many of their songs to be too dark, some to even encourage suicide. Mustaine even sparked controversy after becoming a born again Christian following recovery of his arm injury. His conversion led the band to not play certain songs they played in the past, and even went to cancel gigs with other bands holding anti-Christian beliefs. 

With one of the band's latest album receiving the best reviews they have gotten in 20 years and their latest album "The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!" that's currently trending,

Megadeth Live

Fans are never prepared for what Megadeth brings to the table at their live tours. With over 30 years of live touring experience, Megadeth have tuned their performance to perfection.

Dave Mustaine will bust out an overwhelmingly fast punk solo, and no matter how much fans think they are prepared for it, they never will be. Scenes of nuclear explosions, robot death squads and alien autopsies flood the giant screen behind the band. Shortly put, Megadeth puts on a system overload of a show.

With new band members Kiko Loureiro and Dirk Verberuren, some long-time Megadeth fans are calling the group their greatest line up since their peek Menza/Freidman era. 

In 2022, Megadeth will be touring with Lamb Of God. Their tour kicks off on April 9, 2022 in Las Vegas Nevada at the Michelob Ultra Arena and wraps on May 15, 2022 at the PPL center in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Special guest TriVium and In Flames will be joining them on select tour dates for the Metal Tour Of The Year. Megadeth's live show isn't some nostalgic trip down to an aging band's limelight years. Megadeth is, was, and will continue to be in the limelight with the way they perform. They have 23 tour dates available, check out their tour schedule to find a venue near you and grab your tickets to the Megadeth live tour right now.

Megadeth tickets are on sale now and they are selling quickly! If you are a fan of rock music then act fast because the 2022 Megadeth tour is a hot seller. Browse concert tickets for Megadeth tour dates and get ready to rock.

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