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Russ Vitale, known by his stage name, Russ, is an American hip-hop recording artist, singer-songwriter, and record producer. Outside of his solo music, he is a part of the Diemon Crew, a rap group. His inspirations include artists such as G-Unit, 50 Cent, and Eminem.

Early Life

Russ was born on September 26, 1992 in Secaucus, New Jersey. As a child, he moved around between North Carolina and Kentucky due to his father’s career, but eventually found a permanent home in Georgia. As a child, his grandfather taught him how to play the guitar, which got him hooked on making music. He started writing raps in his notebook at seven years old and started making beats when he was 14. Russ recorded his first song at 18 years old.

Career Beginnings

Russ released 11 albums and 87 singles between 2011 and 2014 via SoundCloud to promote his own music and ensure that his name was out there in the public. Russ’s breakthrough came when he partnered with Columbia Records in 2016. He released two singles, “What They Want” and “Losin Control”, which peaked at number 83 and 62 on the Billboard Hot 100, respectively.

Russ Discography

There’s Really a Wolf (2017) - This was a very unique debut studio album by Russ, who composed and produced all of the songs himself. After releasing on May 5, 2017, the album peaked at number seven on the Billboard Top 200 and number four on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Additionally, the album went certified platinum by the RIAA. There are no additional artists featured.

Personal Highlights

Unlike many performing artists, every song that Russ makes is self-produced. He alone handles each step of the music making process: songwriting, engineering, production, rapping, singing, mixing, and mastering.

Russ Tickets

Russ is set to begin his I See You Tour: Part 2 to promote new music from his upcoming album, Zoo. The tour kicks off at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT and makes stops in major cities such as New York, Houston, Atlanta, and San Francisco before concluding on November 15 in Seattle, WA. Make sure you get tickets before they sell out, because it is expected to be a great show.

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