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Though the show came to Broadway not long ago, in 2017, The Band's Visit has already made a name for itself as a Broadways classic. Based on the 2007 Israeli film, The Band's Visit rejoices in the way music beings us life, laughter, tears, and finally, together. The show has won countless Awards, and for good reason. Get your The Band's Visit tickets now before it's too late.

In a quiet town in Israel, a band of Egyptian musicians shows up at Dina's local cafe. Their lives intertwine in unexpected ways, and audience members are in for a beautiful story filled with love, tears, and music.

The show premiered at the Atlantic Theater Company in 2016. It was directed by David Cromer and choreographed by Patrick McCollum. It quickly began previews on Broadway the following year. It closed production in April of 2020, and began touring later in June. 

The Broadway show was making a great impression with critics within its first few performances. Twin Cities Arts Reader called the show "one of the best new musicals of the year, gifted with a beautiful score and touching performances." New York Times called it "one of the most ravishing musicals you will ever be seduced by."

The show has a great impact on Middle-Eastern actors and audiences, which have been underrepresented before the shows creation. Ari'el Stachel, who plays Haled in the show, won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical. In his speech, Stachel says that he pretended not to be Middle Eastern for many years. He was part of a cast of actors who never believe that they would portray their own races, and they are finally doing so. Kids from all over the world are messaging them and thanking them for their representation and how transformative is has been.

The show is filled to the brim with painful realities about longing, settling, provincialism and acceptance. It speaks about learning to be happy, and coming to terms with your own insignificance. It is not a show for those who are merely looking for excitement and escape. Instead, audience members can take a seat in a darkened room, listen to melancholy jazz while they ponder life's greatest mysteries.

Isabella Perrone from BroadwayWorld states that "The Band's Visit doesn't rely on declarations of love or promises to change. The show ends a story that promises nothing more than a brief look into its characters - and delivers on that promise in the most satisfying way possible."

Clearly, this is a must see show for you theater folk. A story of love, self acceptance, dreams, and overall life questions awaits you behind the curtains. Find your tickets to The Band's Visit 2020 tour right now, they are going quick.

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