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About  Incubus

One of the most successful alternative rock bands of all times, Incubus’ story is the true American dream: A group of high school friends started a band, played some local clubs, got noticed by a record company and, just a few years later, made it to number one on the Billboard charts! With Brandon Boyd on vocals, Mike Einziger on guitar, Dirk Lance on base and Jose Pasillas on drums, the band was off to a fast start before they even had a name. According to Boyd, they had to come up with a name quickly when they got booked for a “real gig” and the venue needed something to put on the poster. 

When Incubus started showing up on the Los Angeles music scene, they were playing gigs at famous Hollywood rock clubs like The Roxy, the Troubadour, and the Whisky a Go Go before any members of the band were even old enough to drink. They produced their first album when they had to schedule studio time around their high school classes, and their fist studio album, Fungus Amoungus, was released just a short time after graduation.   

In 1997, the band signed on to an astonishing seven-record deal with Sony’s Immortal Records. They released their second studio album, S.C.I.E.N.C.E., and toured extensively, supporting bands including Korn and 311. Later that year, Chris Kilmore joined the band, rounding out their sound with keyboard and DJ-style “nu-metal” effects.  

Their third studio album, 1999’s Make Yourself, scored Incubus’ first top-100 album. The album drew critical acclaim, and three of its singles, “Drive,” “Stellar” and “Pardon Me” made it numbers one, two and three on the U.S. Alternative chart. Incubus had definitely arrived! 

The band took to the road in support of their hit album, featuring on the lineup for the Ozzfest tour, then continuing with The Deftones. This time they were the headliners, and Incubus concert tickets were top sellers throughout the tour, which lasted through 2000. 

In 2001, the band took a break from touring to record Morning View. The album went 2x Platinum, scored the second position on the billboard charts and included three top-ten alternative singles: “Wish You Were Here,” Nice to Know You” and “Warning.” The band toured in Europe, played in the Area 1 Festival, went to Australia and Japan, and then returned to North America to headline a tour with Hoobastank. During the tour, bassist Dirk Lance was replaced by Ben Kenney of the Roots.  

Incubus’ third number one single, “Meglomainiac,” came from their 2004 release, A Crow Left of the Murder..., and the next, “Anna-Molly,” from 2006’s Light Grenades, the album that finally reached the #1 position on the Billboard charts. The band toured in support of both albums, then took a hiatus while their greatest hits album, Monuments and Melodies, was released. The group concentrated on college and family, and Boyd put out a solo album, The Wild Trapeze, in 2010. The band placed a few South American tour date, and announced they were writing again and working on a new album. 

If Not Now, Whenwas released in 2011, and the band announced an eighteen-month tour in support. Fans had been eagerly awaiting an Incubus tour, and concert tickets sold quickly. Their last studio album, 8, was released in 2017. In 2019, the band planned a massive tour to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Make Yourself.  

In 2020, Incubus is backing Aerosmith on their European tour, and then headlining their own Incubus 2020 tour with long-time friends 311. You’ll find great seats to all Incubus shows today at Ticket Network.