Mar 26 TBD
Circa Survive Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale, FL

About  Circa Survive

Circa Survive tickets are still in high demand even 16 years after the formation of the band which should tell you all you need to know about how good this indie rock band is. At the height of the indie and alternative rock movement in music, Circa Survive formed in 2004. With Anthony Green forming the band, Circa Survive consists of members from Saosin, This Day Forward and Taken. From the start, it was clear that Circa Survive had all the ingredients to be an extremely popular band. Anthony Green, Colin Frangicetto, Brendan Ekstrom, Nick Beard and Steve Clifford make up Circa Survive and were based out of Philadelphia. Anthony Green surrounded himself with supremely talented musicians but carried the band with his unmistakable voice. With range, emotion and versatility, Green left his mark on a number of Circa Survive songs and turned them into classics. Some of the best Circa Survive songs include: "Act Appalled", "Meet Me in Montauk", "On Letting Go" and "Get Out". All Circa Survive albums got positive reviews from critics and fans alike and their live shows were must-see. 

One critic on Alternative Press stated, "This album is damn near flawless."

Now in 2020, Circa Survive hasn't released an album since 2017, but that just means their set list is littered with classic material that made the band what it is today. Get your Circa Survive tickets today to see this transformative band live. 

Ryan Felder 90.3 FM the Core writes, "As the legions of people out there who worship the ground that Anthony Green walks on will tell tell you, Circa Survive puts on an incredible live show. An experimental rock band based out of Philadelphia, they compose music that defies simple classification. They have the energy and rhythm of post-hardcore bands like At The Drive-In, the densely-layered guitar tones of an indie-rock band like Minus The Bear, and the abstract lyrical approach that I can only compare to Aaron Weiss of contemporary punk rockers mewithoutYou." 

Sounds like a show every fan needs to see if you ask me.