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About  Childish Gambino

Donald McKinley Glover Jr. aka Childish Gambino is an American actor, comedian, writer, director, and rapper.

Early Life

Donald Glover was born on September 25, 1983 at Edwards Air Force Base in Kern County, California, and was raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia. His mother, Beverly, is a retired daycare provider, and his father, Donald Glover Sr., is a retired postal worker. His parents served as foster parents for 14 years, and raised Glover as a Jehovah’s Witness. He graduated from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in Dramatic Writing. While at Tisch, he began producing mixtapes and disc jockeying, which helped develop his profound interest in music.

Career Beginnings

Donald Glover’s career began when he was contacted by David Miner and Tina Fey, who were impressed by Glover’s work on a script that he wrote for The Simpsons, which led him to be hired as a write for 30 Rock. When he began pursuing music concurrently, the name Childish Gambino was created from the Wu-Tang Clan’s name generator. By June 2008, he released the independent mixtape Sick Boi.

Childish Gambino Discography

Camp (2011) - The debut studio album by Childish Gambino was released through Glassnote Records in November 2011. The rap album received positive reviews from critics, and scored an average of 69/100 based on 27 reviews. The track “Bonfire” was the most popular song, and the album had no features on it.

Because the Internet (2013) - Childish Gambino's second album received generally positive reviews and did exceptionally well commercially hitting number seven on the US Billboard Top 200 and number 12 on the Canadian Album Charts. Furthermore, the album received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album and went certified Gold by the RIAA in February 2016.

The most popular songs on the album are “IV. Sweatpants” and “V. 3005”. Additionally, the album featured artists such as Chance the Rapper, Jhene Aiko, Azelia Banks, and Andrew Auernheimer.

“Awaken, My Love!” (2016) - Childish Gambino’s third and most unique album was also released by Glassnote Records. Consisting of tracks being sung, rather than rapped, its fusion of psychedelic soul, funk, and R&B was considered a bold departure from the predominantly hip hop/rap style of his prior work. The album debuted at number five on the US Billboard 200, and number two on the US R&B/Hip Hop Album Chart.

Additionally, the album received Grammy nominations for Album of the Year and the Best Urban Contemporary Album of the 60th annual Grammy Awards. The featured single “Redbone”, the most well-known song on the album, also earned nominations for Record of the Year, Best R&B Song, and won the Grammy Award for Best Traditional R&B Performance. Additionally, Goransson, Zac Rae, Chris Hartzm San Sugarman, Rat Syeb, George Clinton, Edward Hazel, Clarance Eugene Haskins, and William Earl Collins appeared on the album.

Personal Highlights

Donald Glover strives to keep his personal life as private as possible. He has a younger brother who is a writer and producer named Stephen, who was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for the show Atlanta, a show in which Donald Glover stars in and also writes for.

Glover also got notariaty during his stint as a character on the NBC show, Community. In 2018, he played Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

In January 2017, Glover announced that he and his partner, Michelle, had a son in both 2016 and 2018.

Childish Gambino Tickets

Childish Gambino is currently on his This is America Tour to promote his newly released hit single “This is America”. Beginning on September 6th in Atlanta, the tour features stops in Chicago, Boston, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, and concludes on October 12th in Nashville. Supporting artists include Rae Sremmurd and Vince Staples and is expected to be a great show.