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Current MLB Ticket Data - 2019 Season

The graph below shows fans a few aspects of the ticket buying process that can helpful when making a decision to buy.

The graph is a snapshot of MLB ticket data over the last month. Fans can keep tabs on what the average listing and get in price were, as well as average tickets that were remaining for each game. Fans can pinpoint a price range and how hastily they need to purchase tickets with this info. The bottom of the graphic shows the least and most expensive opponents coming up for each team.


Thanks to the TicketNetwork MLB Ticket Price Variation graph fans can now make the best decision on when to purchase their MLB tickets!

TicketNetwork strives to give its customers the best deal possible, and with MLB Ticket Price Variation we can do just that! Check for when tickets get the cheapest, or when fans can get the best deal possible for a game of their choosing.

With ticket prices varying by the day as well as the amount of available tickets, staying educated on ticket trends is important when finding the best deal.

Fans can also see least/most expensive opponents left on their favorite teams schedule. You can easily sort by team to see where your favorite team stacks up against the rest of the league and more importantly when the best time to go to a game will be!

With TicketNetwork MLB Ticket Price Variation, you can become a smarter shopper and find the best deal today! This data driven display aims to help all of our customers become much more confident that they are buying the right tickets at the right time on the right website.

TicketNetwork has all the bases covered when it comes to buying MLB tickets.

TicketNetwork Upcoming MLB Home Game Ticket Prices

The graph below is a look at every team's remaining home games and what fans should expect to pay per ticket if they choose to attend.

Filters on the left hand side add to the convenience so you can find what you're looking for that much quicker!


TicketNetwork is striving to make the ticket buying process as easy as possible!

Backed by data, there is now a game-by-game breakdown of home team ticket prices for every team in the MLB! You can easily sort by team, and see the cheapest ticket option for each game. There is also data on the average single ticket listing price by game.

Fans can sort by day of week and time of day to find the perfect game that fits their schedule and price range.

With a game by game breakdown, fans can choose between a match up with a heated rival or plan to head to a game that their team rarely faces off against.

Planning your next trip to a ball game just got so much easier thanks to TicketNetwork Upcoming MLB Home Game Ticket Prices.