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NFL by County

The heat map seen below displays how far football fandom truly reaches. TicketNetwork's Most Popular NFL Teams by County graph looks at where NFL teams get the most fan support. Obviously, there are concentrated areas that surround the home stadium and home state of a particular NFL franchise, but there are also franchises that have fan bases that are so passionate they can be found on the other side of the country.

Another bonus for fans and customers alike is the graph's insight into average order value by county. Essentially, based on where fans live, we can get a good idea of how much they are paying to go see their favorite team play. This allows fans to compare their orders to other people that buy in the surrounding areas to see if they are getting the best deal possible.

NFL Fan Score Rankings Graph

Where does your team stack up when it comes to having the most passionate fans? The TicketNetwork NFL Fan Score Rankings graph accounts for a number of different metrics:

At the top, there are historic franchises with a winning culture and fans that travel long distances to see their favorite team play live. The fan score takes a few factors into account such as average order value, number of orders, and distance between the fan who purchases the ticket and the home team stadium they're traveling to.

Take a looks at the list and see where your team stacks up!

NFL Ticket Price Variation

Keep tabs on NFL ticket deals with the TicketNetwork NFL Ticket Price Variation graph. Deep-dive into the past month's trends with this snapshot of the average listing price and get-in price for NFL team tickets, as well as the average number of tickets remaining for each game.

Pinpoint a price range and determine how quickly you need to act to make sure you get into the stadium on Game Day. Or, check the bottom of the graph to see the least and most expensive opponents coming up for each team.

With ticket prices and availability varying by the day, staying educated on ticket trends is important when finding the best deal. Check for when tickets get the cheapest, or when you can get the best deal possible for a game of your choosing.

See the least/most expensive opponents left on your favorite team's schedule. Or, sort by team to see where your favorite stacks up against the rest of the league and, more importantly, when the best time to go to a game will be.

Thanks to the TicketNetwork NFL Ticket Price Variation graph, you can make the best decision on when to purchase your NFL tickets!

NFL Upcoming Game Ticket Prices

Upcoming game ticket prices are available for every NFL team in the TicketNetwork Upcoming NFL Game Ticket Prices graph!

The Get-In Price reflects the cheapest price to get in the door on Game Day, compared to average single ticket listing price. You don't have to guess what's a fair price per ticket to your game of choice. Filter by the type, day, and time of the game to really hone in on the best ticket for you.

With a game-by-game breakdown, choose between a match-up with a heated rival or head to a game that your team rarely faces. Planning your next trip to the stadium just got so much easier!