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About  The Harlem Globetrotters

The one and only Harlem Globetrotters. You don’t have to be a basketball buff to know that these guys are the kings of entertainment. Mixing their talents on the court with their hilarious off-court personalities - there’s no theatrical sports event like it. The team got their start in 1928, and almost 100-years later, fans all over the world gather to watch these basketball beasts dunk and shoot the most insane trick shots you’ve ever seen! Parents and children can’t get enough of the Globetrotters, especially when tickets are affordable and for an event that’s fun for everyone in the family. Get a chance to take photos with the team and the adorable mascot, Globie!

Historically they were considered one of the greatest basketball teams in the sport’s early years. Many don’t know this but the team were actual ball players that played full games in their earlier years. Comprised of an all black lineup, they ran the courts and in 1948 even beat the Minneapolis Lakers (now known as the Los Angeles Lakers). Their reign of success would eventually come to a halt as the National Basketball Association began to scout and sign black players to their NBA teams. In 1950, Harlem Globetrotter, Chuck Cooper became the very first black player to be drafted into the NBA by Boston. Teammate, Nat Clifton would go on to become the first black player to ever sign an NBA contract with the New York Knicks.

How many basketball teams do you know that had their own movies (Go Man Go) and cartoon shows? Over all these years the Globetrotters have successfully cemented themselves as icons and have become as big, if not bigger than some NBA teams in the league. Even Wilt Chamberlain one of the NBA’s greatest basketball players of all time had gotten his start with the Globetrotters. After he left the University of Kansas in 1958 it was reported he had signed a one-year contract worth $50,000 with them. The first Globetrotter to have his number retired.

Did you know that three Baseball Hall of Famers, Bob Gibson, Ferguson Jenkins and Lou Brock played for the team? It’s easy to overlook a team with as much history as the Globetrotters. They’ve consistently packed crowds into arenas and kept wide smiles that stretch from ear to ear on the fans they perform for all over the world. They’re a funny and compassionate bunch, if you’re looking for a great time with the family, don’t hesitate and buy yourself some Harlem Globetrotters tickets. Get yours from TicketNetwork today!