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About  Stomp

One of Britain’s most popular exports is STOMP, a show that critics call “...sound and fury, signifying pure entertainment and raucous energy” and say that “ can’t watch STOMP and remain still!” 

Sometimes described as a dance troupe, sometimes as a musical group, and sometimes as a musical play, STOMP defies standard descriptions. Now in its third decade, the show started with a simple concept: “Make a rhythm out of anything we can get our hands on that makes a sound.” The show has permanent residences in New York City and London, and tours around the world.  

The original show came from Brighton in the U.K., but the inspiration for the show in its current incarnation can be found on inner-city streets around the world, where musicians use found objects – anything from trash cans and hubcaps to shopping carts and basketballs – to put on shows for tips from passers-by. STOMP takes this street-inspired sound to a whole new level. 

From the beginning, STOMP tickets have been hot sellers, as word spread about the show as the ultimate feel-good experience. The show has a cult-like following among its fans, and a reputation that has garnered attention across multiple platforms. STOMP music has been featured at the Olympics, in movie soundtracks, commercials and on popular television shows. It’s been the subject of documentaries and even a symphony. 

HBO’s 1997 Emmy-nominated musical, STOMP – Out Loud, features members of both the U.K. and U.S. cast, and includes special performances as well as footage from the Broadway show. The movie’s popularity made demand for STOMP tour tickets skyrocket, and the show continues to visit cities all over the world to this day. 

The show has evolved and continues to do so. So, even if you’ve already seen a STOMP show, you never know what the next performance will bring! Whether it’s the swish of brooms or the snap of a Zippo lighter, the rhythm will make you cheer and keep you coming back again and again. You’ll find great seats to all STOMP shows today at Ticket Network.