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The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a yearly music festival that takes place in Indio, California. After 20+ years they’ve positioned themselves as the music festival. If you’re anyone that’s somebody you find your way to Coachella. The performer lineup is always stacked with the best in mainstream and indie music. From Kanye West to Skrillex to Mac DeMarco, you can expect the greatest performers from each genre and music scene to perform there. The large space welcomes over a quarter million patrons every year, that seek great music and awesome weather. Started in 1999, this festival has grown to become an international attraction that garners visitors from all around the world.

To think that if Pearl Jam didn’t perform at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California back in 1993, one of the most profitable and largest scale music festivals of all time, may have never come to existence. Coachella is the byproduct of a happy accident, the success of the Pearl Jam show proved the club’s viability for future performances. It took several years from the start of Coachella before the festival would manage to break even and become profitable. The founders, Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen were convinced that if they could manage to get enough popular headliners over the course of several years they would be able to attract larger crowds. Notable performances over the years include Daft Punk, Madonna, Kanye West, Prince, Beyonce and Tollett’s personal accreditation of Coachella’s success went to Radiohead who they got as a headliner in 2003.

In the past, Coachella events have gotten as hot as 106 degrees Fahrenheit. This year’s event will take place in the fall. Due to postponements, the newly established rescheduled dates will allow fans to enjoy all of their favorite artists in the cool comfortable October weather!

A fan reviewed their experience on Trip Advisor;

“I’ll make this as brief as possible. Coachella is an amazing festival, a truly massive undertaking, that gets bigger every year. It’s staggering the amount of people that come down for this event.

Despite its size, it has remained one of the safest, best organized, and best executed festivals ever. There is a huge police presence, as cops from every corner of California come down to get overtime working traffic and crowd control… It’s very well run, to say the least.

The venue is beautiful, and when there’s not an event there, you’d never know that the serene green lawns host hundreds of thousands of people wandering around at that location.”

Coachella really is the pinnacle of music festivals. If you want to have a once in a lifetime experience, buy tickets to Coachella today!

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