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The musical Evita on Broadway told the story of Eva Peron, better known as a hero for being part of charities, fighting for equality for all and education for women. Eva was born in 1919 in Argentina, in a poor area in the rural district of Los Toldos and was the youngest of the five brothers. In adult life, Eva Peron married Juan Peron, president of Argentina in 1946, becoming the first lady until the day of her death in 1952.

The Broadway Musical emotionally shows the life trajectory of Eva Peron who, at the age of 15, decided to leave her poor city in search of her dreams. Eva then falls in love with a tango singer, known as Agustin Magaldi and convinces him to take her with him to Buenos Aires. Eva shares with Magaldi her desires and ambitions to become a successful actress. In the city of Buenos Aires, Eva gets involved with influential people who helped her to become a model, radio star and actress.

With life stabilized, Eva Peron meets her then-future husband Juan Peron, in which together they decide that a marriage would be of interest for both of them, Juan Peron wanted to be president of Argentina and Eva enjoyed the fame. Involvement with politics gave Eva Peron more opportunity to fight for the poor, for equality and for women. Eva became a person adored and admired by people, reaching the height of her fame, in which made her questioning herself whether she followed the right path.

In 2012 Marquis Teatro inaugurated the play Evita with a special participation by Ricky Martin playing the role of Che, who is a public person and known to everyone and who was also responsible for introducing Eva to Juan Peron. The musical duration was approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes long and ended in 2014. Eva Peron also had a movie about her life also called Evita created in 1996. The musical toured in UK, US and Australian being a big success!

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