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Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical Tickets

From novel to film, Mrs. Doubtfire transforms on stage into a magical musical performance. Come watch the comedy favorite as it makes its debut on Broadway and is retold through song and dance. This is a new musical that theater goers do not want to miss! Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical tickets are now available to purchase right here on TicketNetwork.

Plot Summary

Mrs. Doubtfire follows the story of newly divorced Daniel Hillard. Daniel Hillard is a freelance voice actor married to Miranda Hillard with whom he has three children with. However, after quitting his job abruptly, Daniel is met quickly with a divorce by Miranda as she finds him undependable. Miranda is given sole custody of the children while shared custody would depend on whether Daniel finds a job and his own place within the next three months.

As Daniel gets his life back together, he finds out that Miranda is trying to find a housekeeper. Daniel calls Miranda several times using his voice acting abilities and pretends to be terrible candidates until he comes up with the best candidate possible, Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire. Due to her impressive credentials, Mrs. Doubtfire is hired as the housekeeper.

Mrs. Doubtfire almost completes the family with her help around the house and her bond with the children. Watch the rest of the story unfold on stage as Daniel tries his best to be a part of his family again.

Getting Ready for Broadway

Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical is fairly new to the world of theater. It wasn’t until January of 2015 when Entertainment Weekly reported that a musical adaptation was happening for the film Mrs. Doubtfire. Directed with a production team and cast of Tony Award-winning Broadway professionals, the musical was bound to be a success when it came out.

In November of 2020, Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical made its premiere on the stage. The new musical broke the box office record at 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, Washington, with over $4 million in ticket sales. Due to popular demand and consistently selling out, the showing of the musical was extended by another week.

Shortly thereafter, Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical began previewing on Broadway in March of 2020 and plans to open up at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre soon. Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical tour schedule is always updated on TicketNetwork so be sure to check updates often. Don’t miss your chance to see the Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical tour on Broadway and get your tickets today!

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